Esk Moors Caring History

Esk Moors Caring is based on the existing Community led project first conceived in 2004.

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The Upper Esk Valley is a large rural community and research has shown that it faces many challenges including:

  • Poor transport links
  • Rural isolation due to difficulties getting to activities and healthcare services
  • An ageing population
  • A need for people to work together to provide what is required for their community
  • Involving everyone in the community, like men, older people, teenagers and younger children
  • Providing appropriate services and housing for older people so they can live independently in their own homes for as long as possible

Esk Moors Caring was set up to address these challenges.


We are constantly evaluating what we do from the feedback we receive from people that use our services. This helps us shape the future of Esk Moors Caring. Statistics shows that our total existing geographical areas population has stayed relatively static over the last 20 years, however the largest proportion of our community are 27-50 year olds, therefore, not only do we want to maintain our original ethos, of helping the over 50’s, but we want to continually develop our programme of activities to appeal to everyone.